OSKAR Humidifier - White

  • @z
Here's my OSKAR Humidifier which I bought back in the winter to try to get the room to be less dry with the radiator on. You can see it's pretty big here I'll show you my foot. This is like a size nine and a half, size ten foot and you can see it's a bit longer in every direction than that so it's probably a cubic foot. It's got a bunch of different settings and speeds. Not too loud. Pretty easy to refill through this thing. It's got a little thing where you can see how much is left. Not a bad product in terms of product design. You have to replace these filters every few months. I eventually just stopped using it because I thought it might be making a little bit of a difference but it wasn't huge and it was a task to turn it on every night. I didn't have any problem with the product at all. I think just the amount of maintenance that it requires was a little bit too much for me so I'd say three stars.