Oral-B Pulsar 3d White Advanced Vivid Soft Toothbrush Twin Pack (Colors May Vary)

  • @z
I travel a lot but I also care about my teeth. So ideally I would have like one of those Sonicares one of those fancy toothbrushes but it's really hard to lug that around everywhere. So instead I use the Oral-B Pulsar toothbrush. As you can see on the shelves it's like 7 bucks or something a little bit expensive for one of these toothbrushes but it's got this special feature where it vibrates. Makes it real nice and easy to brush your teeth. I have no idea if it works better than a regular toothbrush, I don't know if dentists recommend it but it makes me feel good about taking care of my teeth so for peace of mind five stars. Overall I would say about four stars. Hope everyone is okay outside.