omron scale and body composition

  • @z
Here today with the Omron scale got it for about 70 bucks on Amazon. It weighs you tells you your BMI body fat percentage, skeletal muscle percentage, basal BMI rate which is how many calories you burn just hanging out and body age and then visceral fat which I think is basically a fat that you have not under your skin but in your organs. So first thing I noticed when I got this scale was it asked me to set the date and the default year was 2008. So this thing's been on the market for a long time and it's kind of a sad reflection on technology that there's nothing that I felt was a better choice. The way it works is you kick it on like this turns on, calibrates, goes to zero. You can step on and get a weight. Then once it's done to weigh you pick up this thing from yourself. And it does the calculations for the rest of stuff. I guess BMI doesn't need body fat muscle etc. And you put in your height and age and stuff which helps you calculate all that stuff. Only had it for one day. Like I said it was about 70 bucks which I think is a little on the expensive side for a normal scale but not crazy given the fact that this also measures body fat percentage.