OFRA Highligher-Rodeo Drive

  • @jackieannmakeup
Hi guys, today I'm going to be talking about this beautiful highlighter from OFRA. This is in the shade Rodeo Drive. This is one of their newer highlighters. I know they've had some in the past but this is like their new poured formula I believe. I'm not exactly sure but I know the formula is a little different with the design and how it's made and everything like that. So this highlighter is definitely more on the Gold side but I feel like it does have an awesome kind of rosy gold shift in it depending on what kind of light it is in and how the light hits it. As you can see it is so creamy and pigmented. Definitely like an awesome metallic highlighter. Just how I like mine. You guys know if you follow my YouTube. I love that wet looking really intense metallic highlight. So this is definitely what I've been going for lately. So here's what a swatch of the highlight looks like on the back of my hand. Again, like I said it's super metallic. It's definitely more on the Gold side so if you're not into gold highlighters I don't recommend this but I absolutely love this. I think it will look awesome on so many different skin tones and it does not have any like lose glitter or shimmer in it at all. This highlighter is a little bit more on the pricey side, I believe it's around $30. $35 something like that on the OFRA website but there are so many coupon codes just definitely Google OFRA coupon codes. I'm sure your favorite YouTuber has a coupon code like Amy Macedo people like that they all have coupon codes for 30 percent off. Overall this is hands down one of my favorite highlighters lately. It's just so intense and wet and metallic like I can't stop saying. If you love that really, really intense highlight you will love this and I think it's just stunning to look at and perfect to add to my highlighter collection.