NLA for Her: Uplift Pre-Workout Energy

  • @anna
Okay, I'm reviewing NLA for her uplift pre-workout powder. My good friend showed me this and I was always terrified of taking pre-work out because I thought that only people like her take it or usually heads. But that is apparently not the case. I absolutely am obsessed with this. I probably workout three to four times a week. I'm not a crazy exercise freak. However this has changed the way I workout quite a bit because a lot of times it will be after work and I'm tired or I'm feeling pretty lazy and this is a pre-workout that feels like a really slow organic natural energy but you really don't even notice. You don't get jittery, you don't get twitchy. It just makes you actually enjoy your workout which I think is pretty hard to do. Okay so the biggest reason why I love this is because it's safe to use for cardio and I guess a lot of pre-workout powders aren't. I'm not really too familiar with the pre-workout world but am I going to take this too for kickboxing? Probably not. Am I going to take this for yoga? Probably not, but I definitely take it before just regular workouts at the gym. Run, treadmill, whatever and strength training. It's not meant to be for like maxing out a workout. I could get it open. That little scooper. I started off taking a half scoop until I was used to it but really there's not a lot to get used to. It just feels like you're energetic. It doesn't feel jittery or twitchy or anything. Then I take about a scoop, put it into water, shake it up and drink it while I'm walking to the gym. So anyway I do a scoop, I think the recommended is one to two scoops but I've never had to go over a scoop. I've never had any bad side effects from it and I've been using it probably six months which is huge because I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine. I like I said I have nothing else to compare this to but I have no reason now to ever try something else. I bought it on Amazon. I think it's about $24 and I mean I don't even mind the semi sexist branding on this because I don't want to be taking a men's workout because our bodies work differently. And the raspberry lemonade tastes great if I do say so myself I really enjoy it. So, five stars. Definitely worth it.