Bicycle Neon Sculpture

  • @sean
Hey guys, this is the Neonetics Bicycle Neon Sign or as I like to call it your next great gift idea. This was given to me by my older brother. It's hands down probably the best gift he's ever given me. Thanks and sorry Aaron. It's just the right size, not too big not too small. It's fairly sturdy. I wouldn't recommend dropping from anything high but I've knocked it off the table a few times and it's been totally fine. It lights up like a champ. They have a bunch of different signs, Neonetics. I am very keen on the one that I got. They're fairly cheap and if you hook them up with this TP-link smart plug, you can get some cool lighting effects going in your own home. Yeah I recommend it, five stars. Let's turn on lamp. Okay. Boom.