Nantucket Blackbook

  • @charlie_swoops
So this is the Nantucket Blackbook. This is literally a black book. It's a more modern day guide to Nantucket. But it's also a lifestyle blog. I love this blog it's fantastic. Is there anything to do on Nantucket. Talks about every place to stay talks with different restaurants. There's a schedule in here about different events coming up. Here we have Lola 41 a fantastic restaurant. It's visually appealing. It's glossy. It's great. It's fun. It's all whatever to do in Nantucket. It's just a wonderful wonderful blog. It's a great thing to look at. It's fun for you and the family the kids. If you're vacationing and it's about to take over the entire world. So look at this. Get it while you can. A quick $20 if you come in Nantucket you have to have it to know where to go. You have to.