Nalgene Widemouth Water Bottle

  • @sean
It's a Nalgene model. It's mine. It's clear, clear plastic lid. It's got a bunch of different color options you can choose. I like these things. I do. Keep them by the bed at all times. I only use it for water. It's good to have a container that you just use for one thing. So that way you know, you know what's in it all the time and it doesn't get all the taste doesn't get all weird and mixed up from you know if I were to put like juice or something in there. I would just make the water kind of juicy until I clean. This I can just rinse out and then I can just fill it back up with water which incidentally is the same thing that I used to rinse it with. Nice big mouth, spout, drink, drink drinking area so never a problem to get the fluids.