Myles Apparel Everyday Short

  • @michael
Reviewing the Miles Apparel active wear shorts made insanely popular by Tim Ferriss. He wears them, he likes wearing them on planes. Bought a pair for my dad, he loved them. My company did some custom ones. You see they're pretty substantial. Really high quality material. The cholic bathing suit meets sports shorts meets running running shorts. You can swim in them. You can you know work in them, you can play basketball in them. I love them. They look awesome. I'm wearing the white ones right now, as you can see they look very nice. They're a great pair of shorts. They run you about 60 bucks. You get three of them, you're done, you're chilling, you're not wearing one of those baggy stupid looking Nike shorts that go below your knees so you could look like an asshole. Great pair of shorts. Highest recommendation item of the summer Great stitching. Just really nice material.