My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Power 3 Ounce Calcium Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal

  • @z
I bought this My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder here on Cartcam. It has like charcoal. To be honest, it was an impulse buy. I bought it like months ago, and I didn't really want to use it. It was like either three or like two bucks, but now, I'm reviewing it because Cartcam wants me to catch up on all my reviews before I can buy this other thing that I want. So I guess in order to unlock my account, we're gonna give it a try. Here we go. So it's telling me to use it in place of toothpaste at night. I'm just gonna use it in the middle of the day, but just so you know, that's what they recommend. There's this whole instruction guide of opening it over the sink. Don't inhale it. Use it every night. You wanna put it under the tongue or on top of the bristles, brush for two minutes. That's pretty typical, and then your teeth will be super white. So I already opened it. You can see, it's pretty black charcoal, and there's actually some on my phone screen right now. So I guess I didn't heed the advice of not being messy. So I got to be honest, this product is probably not for me. I started using it, and it just totally made the sink messy, and then when I started brushing with it, it started splattering everywhere. Thankfully, I used new toothbrush for this or actually an old toothbrush, and so, I can just toss the toothbrush and toss everything. In the end, this product isn't for me. While I was brushing, it kind of splattered all over the bathroom. There's a lot of cleanup involved, and, you know, it's a cool idea to try to make people's teeth whiter, but it's a little too much hassle for me to get used to. I think for me, this is a one star product, unfortunately.