My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Power 3 Ounce Calcium Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal

  • @jennyk22
Okay so I'm reviewing the activated charcoal that cleans my it cleans and polishes and detoxes and it's the My Magic Mud and it's comes in this little box and it comes with these little directions right in top and then the little shovel is in there. It's really cute and then it this comes in and I took that off already and I put it on my toothbrush. So I'll be able to show you all. But it's actually really big. I was looking at other people's videos and it looked really small but to show you how big it is. It like it's the width is actually pretty big and that's actually pretty deep. So I was very impressed with that. $4 you're getting a lot and so let's see. Here's my teeth before. Let's see after. And now this is really bad lighting but after and they look amazing. Yes I love this product. It made my teeth super white and feel clean, my whole mouth feels clean. I really love this product. I am so excited about it. I would definitely recommending it to my friend so I give this five stars. It's amazing.