MISSHA M BB Boomer (BB Cream)

  • @clare1393
Hey guys, we will review Missha BB Boomer. So oh you mean Missha M BB Boomer. Yeah Missha M BB Boomer. Well this is a boosting cream. It boost the adherence of the BB cream like you will put it first before putting the BB cream. So what you gonna say about it? Is it good on your skin? It's it's pretty good but I would say it's good it's it's really good. Yes it's nonstick it's nonsticky. But we don't know yet if it really helps to make the BB cream last long. But as for now you can see she has really a flawless skin with just with just this BB boomer and this magic cushion. It's awesome the magic cushion is a little bit lighter for my skin so maybe you you should get this is number number 23. So maybe you should get maybe the lower like 24 or 27 like that. But I would we would recommend it it's good right? Yes it's pretty good. Okay so thank you guys.