MISSHA M BB Boomer (BB Cream)

  • @montzrac000
Hey, guys. So today I received my MISSHA BB Cream Extender and CC Cream. You can use it with either. It says on here. It claims that it's a BB Boosting Cream, which boost the adherence and duration of BB Cream. It makes your skin look brighter when applied before BB Cream. It claims that it has antioxidants, and like a pearl essence to it to illuminate your skin. So far, I've noticed when I put on my hand, when I swatched it, it is very illuminating, but it gives you that right amount of like glow without overdoing it. I can show you the swatch. This is what the swatch looks like in the light. It's a very moisturizing cream I would say. So far, the wear on it is amazing. It's a lot like a primer. It's very tacky like, but it's also it adheres to BB Cream into your skin very well. It also makes things just more balance and put together. I personally like it with just BB Cream, and you can even use it with a foundation. It also looks really good with that, but I would prefer definitely use this with a BB Cream. See you guys next time.