Misfit Ray -Fitness + Sleep Tracker with Sport Band (Rose Gold)

  • @z
This is the new Misfit Ray Fitness Armband similar to Fitbit or a Jawbone UP. I think it's one of the more stylish fitness armbands. You know still not the most stylish thing ever but it looks all right. Highlights include the six hour, I mean sorry this six week, sorry, the six month battery life. Honest mistake there. It takes three little wash batteries and you never have to charge it for six months. Another big feature for it is sleep tracking. I think it does a pretty good job of sleep tracking better than most and it does all the normal stuff like track steps in the Misfit app. Haven't had too many buggy problems with it. The Bluetooth tends to work pretty well. If you like fitness trackers, I would recommend it. Personally, I don't like them that much and I'll probably throw this away or stop using it after the battery dies. Three stars.