MakeMeChic Women's Off The Shoulder Ruffle Party Cocktail Swing Dress Pink

  • @cartisser13
Okay so I bought this strapless shirt it is really nice, just exactly what I kind of wanted. Strapless has a little side sleep thing. Very thick material, very pretty. I love the color. Like I said exactly kind of what it was expecting. Looks nice underneath, when the wind blows you won't look silly. Had these little plastic strap things attached to it you know like a bra strap kind of thing to hold it up, but you really don't need it it's pretty tight fitting. Matter of fact I don't even know if I can wear a bra with this. But that would be the only downside I guess if you one of the people who don't like to go without, I wouldn't recommend this just because there's like no space if you got an actual decent size for your body, but overall I think it's really cute, really pretty, fun, flirty, I really like it.