MakeMeChic Women's Cold Shoulder Tops With Choker Casual T-shirt White

  • @cartisser13
Okay, so I got this shirt it's supposed to be kind of like a cow obviously. I kind of like it. I'm still on the fence about it because when I ordered it, It didn't seem like it was going to be this way. I don't know if you can see it. It's almost as if someone took a t-shirt and cut a little space you know the little spaces out and I'm kind of not okay with that. I mean it kind of looks more like an art project or you know like the DIY kind of situation and I wasn't expecting to to have that. It did come with where did they put it it came with a oops a little choker kind of situation but the way first of all it's nice. Put on eye wear and heels it's so like I couldn't even really get it on myself so had to had little help. Talking about when I did get it on it was again more like really DIY kind of look to it. It doesn't really look like I bought it which is kind of you know I feel like it was a little weird. Definitely worth what I paid for it and I didn't pay much I think it was like a couple of bucks actually but I wouldn't pay what was suggested as the actual price where I definitely wouldn't do that. It is a nice material though. Nice shape. It's just it's very you know odd that it's cut out like that but overall, I mean it's kind of nice.