MakeMeChic Women's Cold Shoulder Casual Chiffon Summer Beach Dress Pink

  • @cartisser13
Okay, so, I got this dress, has the cold shoulder thing, cute lace, very cute cut, very cute look to it. However, only problem with it is that it is extremely see-through and you can probably see, it is super, super, super see through so I don't know where to even begin with it because it's okay. It doesn't look like something that would look cute with leggings, but then it doesn't look like, I mean it doesn't look bad though. It's really cute, I really like it, It's just the see-through thing it's killing me. Like it is extremely see-through like you could see my whole, everything. So I don't know about this one. Maybe I can figure out, maybe with a slip or something that could help with it's an old people thing but I have a slip I think I can use with it. So, I'll give that a try. But, I mean it's cute it's just terribly see-through, that's my only problem. Yes