Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit Dolce K

  • @jackieannmakeup
Hi guys, today I'm going to be reviewing the Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick. I have the shade Dolce K. So I just wanted to show you guys before I get into the individual product what it looks like actually applied and dried down on my lips. I am wearing both the lip liner and the lipstick combined today. This is what it looks like. It is super matte. It is transfer proof so if you eat, if you drank, if you kiss, it is not going to transfer onto your glass or your significant other or whatever. I will show you guys right now. So look I did just kiss the back of my hand and there was absolutely no transfer which is awesome. I do just want to flip you guys over and talk a little bit about the products itself and the packaging. So this is the box that the lip kit comes in. I absolutely love Kylie's designs and her packaging. I think it is just like so super sleek. It is really her. It's like girly but really edgy in a way. So this is what the box looks like. You're just getting the lips. The Kylie. The name of the shade is always on the top and then add some information about application and the ingredients are on the back. And then these are the products on the inside. You're getting the lip liner and the liquid lipstick. The packaging is one of my favorite things about Kylie Cosmetics. The lip liner is just like that stunning matte black. It has her signature and again this color on the bottom matches the lip liner on the inside perfectly and then for the matte liquid lipstick, I just love it. I think it is so high end, so classy. I love the black drips and her signature and the clear tube so you can really, really see the color. And here are some swatches for you guys the liquid lipstick is on the left right there and the lip liners on the right. They are pretty similar in color. They are not identical but obviously they work so well together on the lips. The lip liner I feel is a tad bit warmer and while the lipstick itself is a little more browny mauve. So again, those are the swatches. And I did want to mention that these are $29 which I think is awesome considering you're getting the lip liner and a liquid lipstick and you could get them on