Knockaround Classics Non-Polarized Sunglasses, Navy

  • @manvswald
All right quick sunglass review here. These are the knock around classics. I bought them to replace a pair of Ray-Bans looked very similar and the headline for me is I think these are obviously great value. My Ray-bans broke. I dropped them on the lenses, the lenses shattered that's why I wanted some cheap. These are $10. So I don't know how long they'll last but I think for that price they look pretty good. They're light. The frames are kind of a simple design. The one knock you hear on them that the people don't know I think is the kind of prominent knock around brand there on the frame. I don't mind it so I'd say if you're in a market for like a pair of sunglasses that looks OK and and you're not going to worry too much about check out knock around. I think they have these in both polarized and non-polarized forms.