Kikkerland Hedgehog Dryer Balls, Reusable, White, Set of 2

  • @jbennett
Hi Internet, I'm here to show you some of these little Hedgehog Dryer Balls. I got two of them in a pack. I'll show you turn off this terrible light. They're cute little guys. Got eyeballs, a nose, actual spikes. They're a little bit squishy but hard too which makes them also pretty good for a little massager. Kids like to play with them but they work great. Throw them in the dryer. You don't need a dryer sheet, they can keep your clothes fluffed up. Drying's a lot faster with these little guys in there. I just think they keep the airflow in and you know when you have the option just by a spiky ball or one that looks like a hedgehog. You're going to want to get the one that looks like a hedgehog. I was going to throw them in to the dryer with some sheets but sheets aren't done yet so they stay down here. Hang out. Sometimes they come up with the laundry because they get behind inside a shirt or something but good stuff. I mean they're cheap, fun to use, work good. What else could you want. That's it. Enjoy.