John Varvatos Men's Barrett Side-Zip Boot

  • @manvswald
A quick preview of the John Varvatos sides of boot here: it is a pretty pretty stylish boot. It's also fairly inexpensive at around $200 for something that is a versatile boot you can wear all the time. I've actually had a couple of pairs now, so I would highly recommend them. Here's a close up of what it looks like. You can see it's got the zipper in the side, kind of got this, newly, a little bit cheap looking plastic tread and the leather I think is ostensibly real but it's not the leather that you'll you'll get when you buy a $400 shoe, you can you can see that. I've only had these for a couple weeks and already the leather is starting to discolor a little bit which actually can be a virtue not a vice depending on the style that you're looking for., but durability and change in the appearance of the shoe is definitely an issue or something to consider when buying these and I'll try and hit on that in a second. So as I mentioned the durability of the boot is something to note or rather that the quick evolution of the appearance of the boot may be in a way putting it is something to consider. These look like different boots but of course, their same one, this is just an old pair I had and you could see the leather looks completely different and that actually happens pretty fast. It happens within really a week or two of wearing the boots out of the box, so that's something to know if you were that you just bought these boots and they don't look like that, don't worry about it because they'll change quickly and on the flip side, if you don't kind of like this beaten up, worn in look, then these probably aren't the boots for you because that's going to happen and it's going to happen fast.