Jeffree Star Skin Frost: King Tut by Jeffree Star

  • @zaakirahk
This is the Jeffree Star Cosmetics highlighter and the shade King Tut. I'm going to open in a second but just get into this packaging like who doesn't love pink? Again this is the shade Kung Tut. It's one of my favorite out of his highlighter collection. It's just like a really pretty like everyday kind of glowy gold shade and I love that this pan size is so big. This is much bigger than Mac's highlighter pan size. And the funny thing is this is actually cheaper than Mac. This one is 29 and I think Mac's highlighters are 33. It also comes with a mirror and this is what the shade looks like swatched. It's very much like a mid-tone gold shade but I really, really really like the consistency of his highlighters because they're just so creamy and easy to blend and they don't just like sit on top of your face they actually blend into your skin and looks like you're glowing from within versus just like from the top of your face if that makes sense. And the best thing about these highlighters is that they are definitely buildable so if you feel like this is just not enough of a glow for you girl you can definitely add more.