J. Crew Harwick Messenger Bag Dark Navy

  • @gmac123
This is the J. Crew Harwick. It is a fantastic commuter bag, work bag, whatever you want it to be. It's about a hundred bucks. It is perfect for me. It's the right size you can put a laptop in here, Its actually got tons of storage space despite being like a pretty small profile. You can use the over shoulder strap if you want but it comes off really easily if you don't really using it. Which is nice. It's pretty easy to hold in hand. The leather straps are real nice. Nylons like pretty water resistant so I don't really worry about it when I'm walking in the rain though you know not dunk dunk it in water but plenty of space in front. Its got nice opening, good zippers. It's got space for I keep my umbrella in here, I keep a charger in here, I keep pens and charge, two chargers actually. But it's great. Fits everything I need for it. Works great for work and makes me look sexy.