Intelex Cozy Therapy Plush, Junior Hedgehog

  • @jennyk22
Okay, so I got this little stuffed animals called the Warmies and what it is is it's supposed to be therapeutic and it has beads inside with lavender. It smells amazing and it is super duper soft. Like amazing soft and there's no holes like normally a lot of these will have holes and the beads will start coming out. But it's very well sewn and the instructions on it are really through. It tells you the wattage and everything, which is really good and it tells you how to clean it and how what not to do. I really like it. It smells amazing and my son loves it, I already showed him and he's four months old and just calmed him right down and it's so soft, he rubs his face on it. So yeah, I love this. This is really awesome. I would definitely buy it again.