HUNGER Night Owl Magnetic Wall Key Holder - Easy to Mount - Powerful Magnets Keep Keychains and Loose Keys Securely in Place (white) white

  • @proversant
Check it out, that's the Hunger Owl keychain holder, though when you get the package it was listed as hunger but this is Anya brand. So I think it's one of those products that gets rebranded a lot so regardless of the brand do you see this is the Owl Keychain Holder in white, it also comes in brown and as you can see it can hold a lot of keys. This keychain has about five keys, some loyalty cards and you know normal metal keychain. I would definitely say this is a five star product. I just think it's cool I think is an inventive product that it's a magnetic keychain holder but then the owl's eyes also open. I think that's really cool. So like I said I'd give it five stars I wanted to maybe dock it a star because it can really hold one keychain. It says it can hold two but I don't really know how they would fit or how that would work and you know it's a little bit spooky so but I I decided not to dock it a star for being spooky. I would just say you know try not to be scared. Don't use it in the middle of the night. Maybe after a scary movie or something. But other than that, there it is the Hunger or Anya or any brand really Owl Keychain Holder five star.