Holm Stainless Steel Electric Coffee Bean Grinder

  • @whysmk
This is a review of the Holm Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder, which comes in a very simple way box. The actual coffee Grinder is very solid indeed. Looks fairly nice but it does put fingerprints on. I did have a struggle trying to get the lid off. I've tried many times without any success. The instruction manual very basic but only really had cautions so didn't help with getting the lid off. On the twist until it snaps and it comes off kind of counterintuitive because they stretch than what I expected. The inside not very big. That is my one complaint besides getting the lid off but the thing I do like about it is it's not very loud at all. Waking up people in the house when I'm trying to grind fresh coffee in the morning, but again it does not help very much. So overall, I would only give it a four star. So thank you.