Heath Paine - socks that don't stink

  • @loganknisely
Hey guys, sock review. I'm Logan. Today, I'm reviewing these pain silver antimicrobial socks. This particular pair and styles called the Gray Lady to pull back on about the pain. They are able to weave silver antimicrobial attributes into their socks and that is actually able to effectively eliminate odors, and it help to keep the socks durable for a longer time. You know just from trying them on here, and taking a look here, they seem very well made. They're definitely versatile. You know to really pull them off in a dress shoe you know you could kind of go with a more modern looking sneaker here and still really pull these shoes off. Apologies for my ugly feet here and my legs. At the end of the day, I've been extremely happy with these socks. I think I might even check back in a couple of months to give you an update on the durability but overall they fit great. They feel fantastic. For someone like me that has perpetually smelly and sweaty feet, the real real nice fresh of breath air in terms of socks. So I think anyone that needs dress socks, dress up or dress down couldn't go wrong with a pair of pains. Price points is great and they consistently have some, some good sales on the Web site so definitely check them out, but overall I couldn't be happier with my socks so you guys are a great. Thank you. Keep up the good work.