Hearos Xtreme Protection, 14-Pair Foam (Pack of 3)

  • @daisy
Hi, I'm Daisy and I'm about to review earplugs. I am an earplug aficionado. I've tried most brands I've been using them for years and years now, I use them to sleep, I use them at work and Hearos used to be my favorite brand of earplug. They were like the number one best rated Amazon earplug. They recently I think probably they switched the material and the shape of their ear plugs probably is a manufacturing switch but I don't know I can't confirm that. Anyways they now don't conform to your ears as well and they are a different shape. Not good to use, not good for repeat use. I'd switch brands. I now use my Earbuddies so I would say Hearos used to be five and now they're about a two. I'll report back and give you the low on my Earbuddies later. It's finishing. I tried to stop it.