Halo Top

  • @daisy
Hi I'm Davey and I'm reviewing Halo Top ice cream. It's an ice cream that's not bad for you. It tastes like real ice cream. If you ever had some like other Dryer ice cream that taste like nothing, like Arctic Zero. This is one of like 7 great flavors that are offered. This is the higher calorie one, it's 70 calories per serving, there are four servings in here. Like five grams of sugar, most have like 50 or 60 calories with four grams of sugar. It's made with pretty simple ingredients like milk, cream, eggs, strawberries have a little bit of erythritol, and a little bit of real sugar, and also stevia. So partially real sugar, partially not real sugar. I'm running out of time. I highly recommend it. Tastes like real ice cream. Thaw in the microwave a little bit before you go. Five stars. Five stars for Halo Top.