GREATS shoes

  • @z
Quick review here of The Greats Sneakers I forget which ones these are exactly but they're the ones that are like 40 or 50 bucks. They say Navy you can see it's a little bit closer to purple which I don't love but I'm down with they have this nice kind of Vibram Sole they're pretty comfy. I had tendinitis in my foot and I out of like the four or five pairs of shoes that I have these were the the ones that made it easiest to feel better. So you have a pretty flexible pair of shoes. I had them for like six months now, probably wear them about once a week I would recommend them because they're only about 45 bucks. I don't think they're amazing shoes but for the price they're definitely a good deal if you're looking to have an extra pair and they're a little bit more formal than most sneakers so not not going to be a formal shoe but if you're going out to dinner or something I think they pass the bar.