Greats Royale Blanco

  • @manvswald
Sneaker review, The Greats Royale Great is a relatively new brand they're based in Brooklyn. Their pitch is kind of high quality leather shoes and at a reasonable price. I'm a fan of these. I need a white sneaker so I decided to give Greats a try. You can tell immediately when you put them on that they are kind of a high quality shoe. In fact it actually does take a few weeks for them to really kind of break in and feel comfortable, so don't don't be kind of put off if they feel a little bit stiff when you try them on in the store. I think they're they're pretty stylish. They go well with jeans, they go well with shorts. I do really also like kind of the accent here the brand on the tongue. So check them out if you're on the market for a white sneaker and I'll do a couple of shots of them with jeans here so you can see kind of how they look in context.