Google - Nexus 9 - 8.9" - 32GB - Indigo Black

  • @manvswald
All right live from Williamsburg, going to talk about Android tablets grounding the discussion in the Nexus old 9 series here. Had a friend reach out in the market for a tablet wanted to get my thoughts so I'll touch on this, I guess you could call this a device and in general what you should buy and how Android tablets stack up. Okay so this is actually a Nexus 10 I have a nexus 9 from HTC somewhere in here but they're all the same in my opinion. This one in particular was a complete waste of money. The best way to use it is to throw it in the garbage. WiFi adapter is probably the worst I've ever experienced in a smartphone or smart tablet. You can be next to the router and still get very little connectivity and if you're 20 feet away forget about it. Superficially it's an impressive device. It has a I think a denser screen in terms of pixels per inch than even the iPad when it came out but but mostly it's really really tough and unpleasant to use. Okay so stay away from the the large Nexus devices or at least the HTC and the latest ones. I think the Samsung tablet might be the cutting edge which I admit they don't have any experience with. This is the seven inch Google discontinued this. This at least made sense to me. It was fairly inexpensive around $250 it's pretty nice to use on your couch. Problem is the marginal utility over a smartphone, a big smartphone isn't actually that significant and there's probably significant intersection between people that want something like this and have a big smartphone. So I think if you're in the market for a tablet I would go a step bigger if you do want something like this I think Amazon still sells a pretty inexpensive one that they subsidize with with their digital media sales and stuff like that. Okay so what does that leave obviously the iPad. I'd go with an iPad Air 2 if you're if you're looking to buy a tablet right now. The apps are there. The screen is obviously there you're probably already on the ecosystem. The Apple ecosystem and crucially the battery life is great which for me when I'm getting a tablet is maybe the biggest deal because if it's something I have to charge every 15 minutes then the overhead over just using my phone or pulling out a laptop to watch a movie or browse the web isn't worth it. So maybe anti-climactic ends the review but but get yourself an iPad if you're resolved to get a tablet at all.