Golden Rose Long Wearing LONGSTAY Liquid Matte Lipstick #12-Muted Burgundy 12-Muted Burgundy

  • @alleeee94
Hey guys, let's talk about this thing on my lips. A girl's best friend. Obviously my nails are right now. But it's okay. So I've had this lipstick, the one right now, on for since 5:30 this morning. Now it's about 9:20 and let's say I haven't had to retouch it. I've had my coffee. If you look up the straw there's no lip stain. Okay so this is golden rose and I love Fall and this is like the perfect shade to wear right now. it's the Muted Burgundy and I'm so excited to try the rest of the collection but for now I really, really, really am happy with this. So not only does it look good, it stays on really good and that's very important for me. So obviously five stars and if you love Fall like I do, then this is a must have. So check out what color works for you and I would definitely stick to this brand.