Finest Nutrition Zinc 50mg, 100 ea Tablets

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Hey guys, you probably already know this but if you feel like you're about to get a cold take a zinc. 50 milligrams and there's like a 45 percent chance you just won't get sick at all so definitely worth it. It's pretty commonly known so ask a friend about it, if you don't want to trust this ratchet video review. You can pick it up. There's about a hundred pills I think for like six bucks at CBS, or Walgreens, Rite Aid, Duane Reade, wherever you get your nutrition supplements and only thing to keep in mind is don't take it on empty stomach because you'll feel really sick like you want to throw up for about 30 minutes, then the feeling will probably pass, but take it with food you'll feel fine, and good chance you just won't get that cold that you had coming on.