FIG+YARROW Organic Clay Mask (green)

  • @z
I bought this FIG+YARROW Clay Mask a few months ago here on Cartcam. I used it once since I bought it but I forgot to do a review so I'll do a review now. You can see it's a powder rather than like mud. So I think that actually gives you a more bank for your buck because you only have to mix a little bit of powder with water to get a full serving. You can see here I've mixed it with water and it forms kind of a light consistency. It also smells kind of nice. There's a bit of lavender in it. So, it's actually kind of a lot of effort to mix together versus just having a pretty mixed mud, but I'll wait till it dries and then wash it off. So overall, I thought it was fine. Nothing special. No complaints. I'll probably use it again like once in a while but I'm not sure I would buy it again. Classic three-star product in my opinion.