Faultless/Bon Ami Co 38206 Magic Wrinkle Remover Spray 10 Oz Fresh Scent 1

  • @jennyk22
So I have been dying to try this stuff. So I'm really excited to try it. It's Fresh Scent Iris. I sprayed it a little bit in the air and it smells amazing. I hate ironing. So this is really good. So I read the directions and they say that you can have a hang up. So this is one of my shirts that I always have to iron so I'm gonna spray it and it says that you have to pull out the fabric after you spray it six to eight inches away. So we'll see. It says not to saturate it so I sprayed it. Okay. Let's pull. You can tell already that the some of the wrinkles are coming out this is nice yeah I think I'll definitely really be using this a lot. Wow this is just wow this is awesome, yay, yes no more ironing. I definitely recommend this product. This is great. It's already coming out.