Faultless/Bon Ami Co 38206 Magic Wrinkle Remover Spray 10 Oz Fresh Scent 1

  • @thickyy
So today, let's test the Magic Wrinkler on the shirt. As you can see, it is very wrinkled. So, you're supposed to spray over the wrinkles. Of course, I'm gonna hang there, but I like on the table working six to eight inches from the very most brands is what we did. At the school that we went wrinkles. I have already sprayed this so it is quietly new. It doesn't tell me how long I should wait. Hey guys! So, it definitely didn't work. My shirt was so wrinkled. I'm not sure if it only works on cotton shirts, but I give this one or two out of five stars, only because I like the scent and because I didn't try on the cotton shirt.