Eastern Collective Lightning Cable Ghost

  • @manvswald
A quick review of the Eastern Collective Lightning Cable some might call it the Cadillac of Lightning Cables it's got this woven cloth covered cable design here which isn't just for the look it's also practical. So in particular the cloth helps two things. It helps with durability and avoiding tangles. I've had this for a couple of months now and it looks basically new. So that's a big deal. Ironically like the not just Apple certified like the Apple supplied cables for me have had have a life expectancy of about three weeks. So durability is a big deal. These are slightly more expensive than what you're going to get what you get to pay on Amazon for like an Amazon basic cable but you only have to buy one of them. The other thing is they don't tangle because of the cloth which is which is which is a nice perk as well. So if you've lost your cable and you're thinking about picking up a new one check out Eastern Collective and I personally like this. This "Ghost" color you can see it up close but they've got a bunch different colors.