dr. Jart face mask

  • @anna
Hello and welcome to this episode of the Battle of the Face masks Dr. Jart Edition. I have recently become really obsessed with these paper face masks. Dr. Jart makes the best ones in my opinion, available at Sephora, and each one has a pretty specific duty, and I'm here to tell you why I love them so much. OK. The pore minimalist is the face mask you used for when you've had a weekend, we're eating really bad food or for when it is that time of the month, and you have some breakouts on your face. This is my favorite face mask and this is what got me into Dr. Jart. It's also the scariest looking because it's black and make sure you're probably going to be by yourself or just warn people walking into your apartment that you have this on because it can catch some people off guard. But, this one is by far in a way godsend. The Water Punishment face mask, do not mind the glow over the water. This is the face mask that I use if I had been drinking the night before, or up late, or I didn't get any sleep during the week, and my skin is dry, and dull; and I have somewhere to be, and I have to look like a normal human. Pop this on for 15 minutes and then when I'm done, I rub it around on my neck and my chest, and it just absorbs, and it makes your skin dewy, and soft, and you feel like a whole new woman. Last but not least, the Brading Infusion. This one I've only used twice. I will say, but I really liked it. It had a ton of vitamin C in it, which is great for the bags under your eyes and just all around brightening. This is one I would say the face mask you put on on during an episode of The Bachelorette or you know, just throughout the week to give a little pop and your stuff. Maybe before you go out on Friday night, Who knows? But, yes. Brightening Infusion. You really can't go wrong. OK. Quick rundown. Dr. Jart, I trust. I love all the skin care products and you really know that you can trust these because they were all made in South Korea, and South Korea is truly the Mecca of skin care. South Koreans were using BB cream long before we even knew what it stood for. That's why I trust them wholeheartedly. They do their job and another bonus, they're easy to clean up, they're not cooping, you don't have to rinse your face off afterwards. You rip it open, put it on for fifteen minutes, throw it away and you're good to go. So, I give these a very competent five stars.