Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus 3 Fl Oz. (Pack of 3) 3 Pack

  • @zanetashira
So, I'm going to be reviewing the Downy Wrinkle Releaser. It's a free pack of the travel bottles and it's super, super useful. I am pretty lazy about folding my clothes sometimes which means I'll take them out looking really wrinkled, and instead of having to steam them, or run in the shower or something, I can just spray them with the wrinkle releaser, tug them really fast so that they look unwrinkled for half a second, and then they stay like that, and I love it so much. It's great when you're in a rush and you realize at the last second that something in your outfit is wrinkled, or you have, you know an important event, your blazer or whatever is wrinkled. And it's really helpful, it's really useful and it works like that. I would highly recommend that.