Deva Curl Light Defining Gel

  • @z
You know I'm really not a hair gel guy. Usually don't put anything in my hair but once in a while if it's like humid out and I'm worried I'll be frizzy if my hair starts to get too long. This is the best hair gel I've found. It's called the Diva Curl. I just get the lightest gel. Actually wearing a little bit of it right now you can see it doesn't really make your hair like not not like too spiky or not soft or anything. You just mix it in when your hair is still a little wet just like a pea sized amount or a dime or whatever and then you let it dry with it and your hair just starts to be a lot more the way you want it is how I find it. So I highly recommend this. Five Stars. One of my hair cutters introduced me to it. Yeah.