dental floss

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When I'm choosing a floss I choose the one closest to me at the time and today that's Oral-B complete floss. I got this for free from the medicine cabinet where my roommate keeps his floss. You can see we've got a normal color, normal width. That's great we look for that in the floss and if you jailbreak your floss you can see there's a lot left. We like that too so the roommate won't notice. Enjoy flossing. Got to be honest that was below average floss. Usually I don't differentiate but this time I guess since I just left a review I was paying a little bit more attention and it was just a little bit too thin I guess so it it cut my gums a little more than I'm used to and it kind of like went in and out of the teeth in like a very jerky motion whereas I'm used to floss that is a little bit more smooth. I don't know which floss I'm used to but I recommend that instead. Yo I found the floss I like it's Oral-B 3-D White Glide. I don't think the flavor matters they're all good but this stuff even better we've got a normal width normal size whatever. Oh you can jailbreak this guy too. See lots left. Found this in my room. I recognize it as the stuff I like, the stuff is good. Oral-B Glide Floss. It might be a little pricier because it's got a lot of different brand names. But but I do like the stuff so just a closed loop there.