Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker, Black

  • @dakicka42
What's happening people? This is a review for the Dash Pro Egg Cooker thing. I don't really know the exact name, but it's a little bit long, but it works pretty simply. So I'm going to show you real quick. I've got a few different ports of plugs right into the wall. It's got a little lid. You put your water in there. You put your eggs in there. You light it up. You're like a chef. You turn it on, you see this little blue light, it starts cooking, and the eggs, the steam is basically a little hot plate, and before you know it, the eggs are cooked. You can do soft boiled, medium boiled or hard boiled. I use it pretty much for hard boiled. I've been using it for about two or three weeks now and don't have a single complaint. It's pretty cool. Probably the coolest thing I've had in my kitchen in a long time. So I'm going give this five out of five. Go get yourself one now.