Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate Soft Tactile MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard (DASK3ULTMS1SI)

  • @manvswald
Did you hear that? No? Crazy spacebar. Did you hear that? You know what that sound is? It's magic. Keyboard of you and I call this my making mystery series where I talk about the things I use to build this app. I'm a big believer in spending money on the things you use to work because I think it's beneficial for a lot of reasons. First of all if you're spending money on the right tool it will probably pay for itself in terms of your time in it. I also believe that anything you do to make your work more enjoyable is similarly a good business investment. Das keyboard my keyboard here it's amazing mechanical keyboard checks both those boxes. Okay so sometimes less really is more. This is the keyboard up close. You can see there are no labels on the keys. The reality is that most really efficient typists don't look at their keyboards and it really doesn't make sense to insist on labeling your keys and I think you'll find that once you get this keyboard you'll end up typing faster than ever. So you already heard the noise. It is true general engineered mechanical keyboard. So the noise makes it a pleasure to type on but it's not just that it's not just the audio feedback it's the physical feedback. You know with kind of complete conviction that when you want to hit a key that you actually hit it. So I highly recommend Das Keyboard.