Casper Mattress, Queen

  • @michael
A review of just a wonderful night's sleep. My Casper Queen Mattress is just a beautiful piece of architecture. I actually met the chief product officer at a conference. Dude's a total beast. Here's you Casper right there running about $850. Get a hundred nights free. You guys have seen all the ads, very crowded space. I think 40 people in the space in the delivery box mattress space. Casper's customer service is off the charts. No risk. May pick it up for free. They deliver to you at a homeless shelter, if you don't like it. In New York City deliver it in an Uber or on the back of a bike within 15 minutes., I think. They're expanding to Berlin. Beautiful mattress. It's not too firm not too soft. So great product. Great price. Also I'm 6'3, so you don't need the queen. The queen was cheap. $850 I think for a Queen.