CardNinja Ultra-slim Self Adhesive Credit Card Wallet for Smartphones Black Classic

  • @proversant
Here we have the Card Ninja Ultra Slim Card Sleeves self-adhesive for smartphones. This is on an iPhone 6s, the regular iPhone 6s. In the Card Ninja, I have three credit cards; loyalty card, or a business card, and two dollar bills, so this is about the width of the Card Ninja. I'm holding again three credit cards, a business card, and two folded up bills. As you see it's still pretty compact. It also has some gives so I could put more cars in, if I needed to, but this is probably the most that it fits in comfortably goes in and out of the pocket. I've used this for a few weeks now and it's held up great. The material has stayed nice and intact and it stayed pliable, so when you go down to say one credit card, it snaps right back. So that's the Card Ninja Ultra Slim.