Pack of 2 -Unlaminated Jute Burlap and Cotton Shopping Tote Bag with cotton handles all natural in color size 17.5"W X 18"H - CarrygreenBags

  • @mjsc
Hi, I'm going to review these two reusable burlap shopping bags I've received. I got them because I live in a town that's banned all plastic bags, and so we really need to have reusable bags. These are really good looking, I think. They're strong. They're made of burlap. They have really long straps and that's nice because you can load it up and this is long enough to put over your shoulder. When you're not using them, they fold up really flat and nice so they can just go in the back of the car, or they can go in your briefcase, or a backpack, and you can use them whenever you need them. It holds a lot. I have this bag all filled up with groceries so you can kind of see how much is in it. Really heavy things, and a lot of things, and it's not going to break. It's very sturdy. So all in all, I really like this. I use it all the time, almost every single day and I highly recommend it.