BROADCARE 6 in 1 Cordless Electric Manicure Pedicure Kit Professional Nail Care Tool

  • @kasibowman
This is a review of the Broadcare Manicure Set. I've actually used it already. I really like it. It's battery operated which is dead because I don't need a cord to use it. It has settings on it if you can see on the side. It has it spins clockwise and counterclockwise one speed or the second which is also great and then it also comes with these different tools that you can use with it so if you want a buffer you nails and even them out it comes with these different tools in it. Overall it come with this really cute case as well so you can use it to travel. I would give this five stars. I really like. It's very durable. I like the fact that it's battery operated. That's it. I really like it.