Bridalvenus Gold Layered and Long Choker Necklace Alloy Stick Layering Chokers for Women and Girls

  • @alleeee94
Hey, guys. Today's review is on this Gold Long Layered Choker from Bridalvenus, and if you do check out my other reviews, I am wearing a choker from the same brands, and I absolutely love it. I feel like it's very delicate, cute. Right now, I'm just wearing a plain shirt, but I think it will look really nice with like a V-Neck, and bring character to your whole outfit. I like it, and I would recommend it to people that I like to accessories, and makeup, blend outfit really fun and exciting. It does look a bit like fake if you ask me, and that's what my boyfriend says, but I think it's nice. It's cute. A lot of the boutique necklaces are not real, but I like it. It's really cute. I'm excited to try with different outfits, but yes, I give it four stars and I would definitely buy one.