Bridalvenus Brown Gothic Lace Velvet Wrap Choker Necklace Long Adjustable Clavicle Choker with Pendant for Women and Girls

  • @alleeee94
Hey guys, today's review is on Bridalvenus Brown Choker. I keep going back to this brand because I absolutely love their chokers and necklaces so I have no complaints so far. This exact product reminds me of a typical scarf. There's no right way to wear it. There's like I can think of like a hundred ways I can wear this. I try to get it to look like the one on the picture where she how she's wearing it and I couldn't figure it out. But I think it looks great like this I tried it with the with the bow and I thought it looked awesome. I give it five stars. I'm always up for different and unique and this product has that for sure. It gives it like a southern charm in my opinion. I could see myself going into country concerts and wearing this with cowgirl boots. I love it. Give it five stars and would recommend it if you like unique and cute.